The Blue Devils

The Story of VMF-451 During WWII

Updated 26OCT07 8:15PM

'The Blue Devils, The story of VMF-451 during WWII', is a story of survival, of brash young men and their first encounter with war, with death, with homesickness --- with life. It is a story of now quiet, older men, aged by war and time, but still holding on to the spark that made them one of the best squadrons of World War II.

Using current interviews, archival battle footage and full-scale reenactments, Blue Devils is a celebration of these men and their machine - the F4U-Corsair. It is a tribute to men who gave everything to serve their country with honor and distinction. But, more than this---it is a celebration of life, and the wisdom that comes through adversity.

Each man's story is unique, and much more than just a patriotic hero story. Their experiences irrevocably changed these men, forcing them to search deep within themselves for answers to the toughest questions humans can face.

The Blue Devils: The story of VMF-451 during World War II, would be a wonderful addition to your World War II collection of videos. This personal, human story of men at war is unique, and provides more then just a story of heroes. It is about our common humanity, and how events, large and small shape our lives, and make us who we are.

This is my first major documentary film. I have interviewed 10 original members of the squadron from across the U.S. about their experiences with VMF-451. Here is the trailer. We are editing the documentary film and hope to have it out sometime late this fall.

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